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    How do i become an Offical 7thA?


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    How do i become an Offical 7thA?

    Post by Fhrosty on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:34 am

    Seventh Abstract is moving away from a casual family community into a community of athletes. In the spirit of this transition, we want to better define what we expect from a 7thA member.
    There are no hard rules. This process is not a math problem. This is not a test with a score. It is subjective. We try to be objective about what is important to 7thA but in the end it will always be a subjective process. What we can do is share with you how we evaluate both applicants and members. If you want to get into 7thA, and if you want to remain a member of 7thA, then know that we look at:

    • your average posts per day.

    • the time you were last active on the forums.

    • our players’ streams and we notice the 7thA members who support them


    • the quality of the last five topics you started in the forums


    • the quality of the last five posts you’ve made


    • the quality of your posts regarding other applicants. Yes, we look very closely on how you give and receive feedback to our applicants.

    • who participates in our donation drives.

    • applicants who try and promote competitors teams and their sponsors. This is a quick way to get your application closed.

    • your participation in 7thA community events (tournaments, in-houses, community game nights).

    • your contributions to make 7thA a better place by taking on special projects from staff.

    • the quality of people you recommend into 7thA.

    • the way you interact with other members and, most importantly, how you make people feel.

    • the number of people who endorse you and the quality of their written endorsements (not required, but they count).

    • endorsements that are difficult to get, i.e., Fhrosty, and BLACKOUT.

    • your sense of humor, your personality and how well you communicate verbally, written or through visual media (this is really important, and we saved it until the end. We hope everyone took the time to read all of this).

    • So after you fill out your application, know that it can take anywhere between 30 to 90 days to get into 7thA. The more of the above that you do, the faster your application will progress.

    Question: How do I get my pre-interview?
    Answer: Well, if you did all of the above, it should happen pretty quickly. If not…

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